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Cycling through Norway for Cambodia


My name is Jon-Øivind Holth, I am chairman of Cambodia Work And Student Society (CWASS). Last fall and winter I was in Cambodia where I learned a lot about the conditions cambodians live under. I was also doing some volunteer work. During this stay, I was inspired to continue to help people in Cambodia. So I decided to do everything I can to build an organization that can improve the rights of workers and students. After I came back, I have started working with the organization, CWASS, to help Cambodia in the way I feel is most appropriate. In order to obtain funds to finance this I tried to sell my apartment. This has taken longer than I first thought. I have therefore, in the meantime, decided to do something different and exciting to front the organization and the work that I will do in Cambodia.

I have therefore decided to ride a bikecycle from Lindesnes (Norway`s most southern point) to Nordkapp (Norway`s most northern point), with 0 NOK in the budget. This distance is 2518 km (1564 miles) long. I want to document this through creating a video diary and consult local media along the route. I have very little or no experience from the bike seat and believe I could be in Guinness Records with the thinnest legs that have cycled this distance ever. I believe this will make the video diary even more exciting to follow, at the same time it will show my will, and sacrifice for the situation in Cambodia.

I will start from Lindesnes Saturday 5th of July at twelve o`clock and can’t put any time limit on when I reach Nordkapp. To get food along the trip I’m going to knock on doors to ask to get a meal or a lunchpack, seek out stores near closing time to see if they have something they are going throw away or engage in «dumpster diving». My goal is to get as many sponsors that I can. I will work with this both through our facebook page, people I meet, and I will talk about it in the video diary. I will also seek squares, where I will sit with a cup begging for both earnings for the organization and to show my position in relation to begging ban in Norway.

When the tour is finished, I will travel to Cambodia to start the construction of a workers’ and student community. I will document this by making a documentary that follows my work with the structure of the organization in Cambodia, while I will live under the same conditions as the Cambodian public, which is about $ 100 a month.